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AMOD: Let's Talk Schools!! To Open or Not to Open, That is the Question? Answer...Depends (smile)!

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, August 21st 2020 at 9:15pm by AMODPOVW
Category: News & Issues


The question of whether or not to open Schools (fully) may to many seem to be an easy question to answer during this Pandemic.  But reality is that it is a lot harder than many people think.  As a Life Long Educator I want to think....what the hell, give it a shot and open them back up for "Face to Face" learning.  As a Grand Parent with Grandkids who had been "Home Schooled" before, I say...what the hell, go Virtual!   As a simple Human Being living in this Country during this period all I can really say about this issue is, "What the Hell"!!!  (smile)

The Educator in me wants to say, what the hell have these School District been doing since May.  Why have they not been making plans for the possibility that maybe the Pandemic would not be under control by Septemer!!!  Hell, we have been through difficult times before.  What did we do in New Orleans after Katrina?  What did we do in Juliet after the Tornado?  What do we do every year after a Hurricane or some Natural Disaster comes through and knocks out our normal Educational System?

We adjust, that's what!!!!

There is no one size fits all for this problem, but one thing is for sure and two things are for certain, Education concerns and Economic Concerns cannot be separated!  But the economic needs of the family will often take precedence over the educational needs of the student!  There should be nothing new to people about this!

Right now we should not fool ourselves....Schools all over the country are opening and then having to turn around and close because they have a virus breakout!  Colleges are opening and having to suddenly make adjustments because they are having a virus breakout!  Sports Leagues are opening and conducting games, but making adjustments on the fly because of virus breakouts!

Why in the hell are we subjecting our Elementary and Secondary Schools kids to this insanity?  I tell you why, because we are Selfish and in some instances just Stupid!  (smile)

Open the Schools in Hybrid or total Virtual Form.  Give parents the option of whether or not they feel secure enough to allow their children to attend.  Parents if you cannot work because you do not have Childcare....seek support from your local authorities or relatives....and yes your child will possibly suffer as a result of this decision.  But your personal situation should not require someone else to adjust their situation into an unsafe condition.

Teachers who do not feel safe going back into the classroom....should not be forced.  If no Virtual Opportunity is available then the Teacher should consider another Profession.  The System should not force the teacher back into the classroom...the end  result of that is that the System will get an inferior product, and the student will be hurt in the long run!!

Yes, this is one big mess....but if we consider how we handled this education thing during other disasters then maybe we would see that this is not as big a monster as we think! (smile)


User Comments

A 5 year old died today--DON'T OPEN SCHOOLS! One child dead is one child too many! (And so far it is not known how many others she was in contact with!)


What makes me laugh, just a bit, is that we pride ourselves on being so technologically advanced and having the most enterprising spirit etc.  Yet, in so many ways, we are behind the times.  We have self-driving cars, and AI's that can do a lot of things, but we can't do virtual learning???  Really??

There may be some places that are safe for in person classes, but how long will they stay that way if we rush back in.  We have seen spikes occur in places that haven't had them prior simply because the restrictions got relaxed too quickly. But certainly when a location is in the middle of a spike, we shouldn't insist on totally in classroom learning.

As I reported in a recent blog, in Salt Lake County, Utah alone there are 79 teachers who elected to either retire or resign because of being told they had to come back to full person to person teaching.  Some of those teachers were people who had invested their own money in making the learning experience better for the kids.  Imagine how that trend might play out across the entire nation. I can hardly believe that if 79 reacted by resigning or retiring in one county, that there are others facing making the same decision.

I think computers open up many homes to other learning platforms, via things like zoom and snapchat and I am sure there are others out there.  That is the way I have been participating in the three book groups I am part of.  We have not missed a single meeting, although I have missed one or two for others reasons, due to Covid-19. We simply moved it to the internet and went right on.

Now for children that don't have computers at home, what about using our library system to allow a smaller number of children to do the learning by computer in the library.  There are ways to allow for social distancing if the library is big enough.  Finally, why not work with businesses, who seem to often be looking to advertise their good deals to build their brand, by either renting or giving computers to families for kids to use at home. They could make it temporary if they wanted to.

There are ways around this, it just takes a little thought.

SFTL in our County they actually are giving Tablets to all the kids....all parents have to do come and pick them up!{#basic-laugh.gif}

That's great.  Your county is doing the right thing on this.

There are two sides to every question. There's the side that says opening the schools will spread the virus and cause a surge and then there's the side that says children aren't carriers so it should be safe. I'm sure there are a lot of parents who pray for the schools to open up again and then I'm sure there are others praying for the opposite.

I agree Amala....its like I said, a lot depends upon the situation that the particular family find itself in!{#basic-laugh.gif}

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