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Are we there yet?

Added: Friday, August 21st 2020 at 7:17pm by Zoey-Mae
Category: About Me
Related Tags: quilting, quilts, baking

Umm almost there... so I'm sewing away and getting ready to start the next to the last strip of binding (there are 4- one for each side of the quilt) ...

And I snap a needle. Never a good thing to do but it happens to the best of quilters.

The point is stll threaded which is a good thing because I didn't lose it. (that's the tiny tip end) the rest of the needle is still in the needle holder of the machine- both need removed.

After my heart stopped pounding lol I replaced the needle already to start again and I look up at my thread and I'm done to my last three or four inches of thread left on the spool.

My last spool of that color, naturally. Guess I'll have to go to Jo Ann's tomorrow (OH What A Shame! LOL)  There is always a bright side to quilting! But with wing and a prayer I may get this thing done by the end of the weekend! 

Which would be great because than I can focus on getting my daughter's quilt done for Christmas. I just need to finish the front and binding on it and I'll be done with it. 

I still have at least one or two more quilts I'd like to make but Lord willing I have some time yet to do those. :)

And I have more stuff for Christmas yet to do and not of them are quilts :) Christmas before last I made a Gingerbread House of Cracker Barrel! It was awesome- sent shockwaves all the way to the home office! lol

This year I'd like to make a Gingerbread Greeting card... an over sized Pop-Up card with the fire place from C.B. That would be fun and a lot easier LOL! But I don't have to worry about that till Oct.  I'll be binge watching the Great British Bake Off... Love it when they do those "Show Stopers!" Those are so amazing- when they work LOL! 




User Comments

I remember when my parents got a new portable sewing maching with all the lates things in 1980. They still had the old Singer in the wooden case from 1953 that you had to pull out the wooden case close the thing over. Had all the fancy scroll on it.

Here is what happened, when my Dad got new blue jean for the mill work, since he was short and needed 28 pant legs all he could get close was 29. So he cut the pants and on the new one he tried to sew the blue jean material with the new machine and broke 4 needles and had to go back to using the old machine. 

Funny thing is the new machine was used three times and stuck in a closet. The old machine kept the hems of my Dad's pants at 28 inches, and never did break a needle.

Sometimes Sis. Zoey-Mae the old things do work better than the new ones.

Just like I have a 1952 chrome toaster that if you do not pay attention will still burn toast.

They don't make stuff like they use too.

Take care have a good evening and tomorrow. Bro. Doc

It's sad to see a machine not in use. You are right, they didn't make um like they used to.  Some of the newer ones you can get to work but you really need to work within it's limits. 

You wouldn't race a Cadillac in a race with a bunch of hotrods, it was not made for that. 

The only reason my Father at the time got a new sewing machine was because my mother needed to make something and needed one of the special things it had. And my Father thought he could do his blue jean hems on it. Well to say the least, neither one could do what they wanted. After 3 times of trying. It went into their bedroom closet and the old kept working. My Mother had to do what she was going to do different as the old machine didn't have what she needed. But it got done. Believe it or not I have the machine that used 3 times in the garage. And when I ever have a yard sale the old one and the newer one will be in the sale. The old one is pretty with all the scroll work and the Old English Singer printed on it in gold and jet black. 

Would you believe it I saw in the 80 a cad, that had the engine tinkered with in a race and won. It was a 75 red cad. Bro. Doc

Oh, we love quilts for Christmas, well done.

Thank you! Just finished my Windmill quilt today and I'll be posting up pics in just a few min.s. 

Oh my goodness... I haven't given Christmas the Slightest thought!

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