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Give the Gift of Groupon

Because a great gift is a BIG deal.
Plus, we'll help you add your own personal touches.

Mail a Plastic Gift Card
Mail a Plastic Gift Card

After it's all spent, the card will make a great dollhouse placemat.

Send a Gift Card ?
Email an eGift Card
Email an eGift Card

It's easy to send last minute and makes a great gift for ePeople.

Email an eGift Card ?
Gift an Experience

In addition to giving gift cards for a dollar amount, you can also gift a specific Groupon -- just choose any deal and click “Give as a Gift” located beneath the “Buy” button.

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Redeem a Code

Got a gift card or promotion code you want to redeem?

Corporate Gift Cards

Need a great way to inspire employees or delight clients? Volume discounts are available on corporate gift cards, and shipping is free!

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