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Our Nightmare Virus

Added: Friday, August 21st 2020 at 2:02pm by irishfreedom2014

In early February 2020, Americans were going about their business seemly oblivious of what was around the corner. A few weeks later, the nation struggled to come to terms with what faced us. Just before March rolled around, many parts of the country were abiding by forced quarantine. Many, including myself, thought the lockdown would last for a few weeks, and things would get back to normal. Here we are deep into August, and there is still no sign of things returning to the pre-pandemic way of life. With the strongest military and economy in world history, we can do nothing but ride the storm.

I thought pandemics were a thing of the past. Something that advanced nation need not worry about, but here we are crumbling from an invisible enemy. We continuously hear from the media about how terrible the country has performed during the pandemic. But are things as bad as they seem? I am not so sure.

The 1918 H1N1 Virus, which is also known as the Spanish Flu, devastated the world in a short period. One notable difference between the Spanish Flu is the age group of the lives it claimed. According to the CDC, the average age of the victims from the H1N1 was just 28 years old. The CDC says that the median age for a COVID-19 death is 71 years old. I am not a medical expert, but something must have gotten better if younger people are less likely to die during this pandemic. Maybe, the media want things to seem worse for political purposes. I am not sure about that, but I believe 100% that we have a terrible problem. 

However, I wonder if the actions of shutting the country down are causing more harm than good? At the start, I supported the lockdowns because I want to see the nation do all it can to protect people’s lives. After all, that should be the government after all-purpose. Today, when I see the many peoples’ lives have been destroyed from the lockdown, I wonder if it was worth it? 

Of course, we must protect the most susceptible to death from the virus, but for the people willing to take the risk to preserve their way of life and livelihood, they should be allowed to do so in a free society. We all want to serve the common good, or, at least, we should want to, but for many people, it may not be possible to rebuild.

With an unemployment rate above 10%, the country cannot take much more. Our economy was working for people of all backgrounds before the virus, but with as many businesses that have permanently closed their doors, it could take years to get things back to how it was before the pandemic. I hear people in the media tell us that we need to do as we are told, or we are horrible people who do not care about the people around us.

As worried as I am about my children’s health, I am equally worried about their prospects.

As Americans and citizens of the world, we are obligated to take as many precautions as the experts recommend to protect people, but they must allow us to get on with our lives.

I believe we will get through this, but the longer it goes on, the more I worry about how quickly we can recover. As far as politics goes, I believe that if there is a vaccine announced before November, President Trump will be elected in a landslide victory. Without a vaccine, the next president will be Joe Biden.

User Comments

Interesting hypothesis in the second-to-last sentence.

The problem that the people ignoring the pandemic, then have the probably of spreading the virus to those who are more at risk, first of all. Secondly, we don't know several things about this virus.  We don't even know if getting it once will immunize one from getting it again.  Additionally, there are examples of people that seem not to have symptoms but then turn out to have lung damage that crops up down the line.  A sort of crippling of the ability to breath which makes the person subject to other problems.

I continue to wear a mask when I am around other people and stay away from crowds.  With the much vaunted American technological prowess, we should be able to do more by remote access and not have to have so many crowded venues, which I believe we are just tapping the surface of.

"As Americans and citizens of the world, we are obligated to take as many precautions as the experts recommend to protect people, but they must allow us to get on with our lives."

{#iagree.gif} 100%

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