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Added: Friday, August 21st 2020 at 8:23pm by merchandiser

WHOA NELLIE. This year's Kentucky Derby coming after the Belmont's usual third jewel of racing's Triple Crown will be much different than usual .The race is scheduled for September 5th. There is no clear favorite of this field of fourteen entries.

The jockeys are all very excited and can't wait to show off their athletic abilities and speed when the starting gates open. This will be the first year that the run for the roses will be held without horses.

One long shot entry, a diminutive four foot eleven inches jockey, refused to comment when asked by reporters how he felt about this novel race. I"I have to see a man about a horse" was his only response.Another arrogant veteran jockey who was asked to get off his high horse by reporters said if he doesn't finish the race in the top three, he would put himself out to pasture.

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How do you come up with this stuff? {#artist.gif}

I guess I have a lot of horse sense. I just keep getting these out of the box ideas in my head when I'm not worrying which I've been doing a lot of lately. 


{#rofl.gif}    all the horses are in my area playing games... there was a ton of trailers filled as I drove about yesterday.... think they are using the game fields for some private enterainment...this would be about Devon Show time...So everyone is antsy I'm sure not knowing if they will hit the circuts in Florida this yr..

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