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Best Covid Summary To Date!

Added: Saturday, August 22nd 2020 at 3:53am by Metalheart

Good read folks. All things considered in proper context, I wholeheartedly agree here.

User Comments

His post would not copy well to Blogster so I just tooks screens.

I totally agree..

G'mornin Robin :)

Thanks for reading! I think he says what a lot of folks are feelin'...

pretty much our lives didn't change much, I have to wear a mask at work, it required, and at my all my doctor visits.  Anywhere else that a mask is required we don't go, they obviously don't want our business.  We didn't change though, some of the towns enforced their own mandatory mask ordiance.

We don't like people so we manages our outings, we try our best to avoid them as much as possible, works pretty well to..hahaha     

Do what you want to do and go where you want to go, don't comply

Yes indeed. I'm not doing jack shit if I cannot do it like a normal human being who has a right to breathe. I really wanna move as far away from people as possible. :)

Very well written and its probably how the majority of the world feels.

I agree Dani. So much to consider and it's all sad. :/

A good summary indeed.

Dennis Prager said, "when it's safe, means never." Accurate.

My opinion is that is just another disease among many. We know that it is the old people who are mostly at risk now, so just have strict controls on senior homes, and precautions as each citizen might want to take for  themselves. Otherwise, let's just get on with life.

Absolutely! I'm ready to get on with it now. :)

This is a good one... "the new norm", totally approved of by the never-Trumpers. They've already shown that they don't care about what gets destroyed or who dies, so long as Trump loses. 

Sad but true. :/

Tom Woods - always right on.


This was a good post and I agree/

Thanks for reading Wendi :)

You are welcome.

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