At Daikin Singapore, we provide a one stop solution that aims to improve your operations. Our solution is customizable to meet your specific needs. We can further enhance the superior performance of our commercial air conditioner products such as Multi Spilt, Single split air conditioners, VRV System, SkyAir units, Packaged units and Chillers, through integrating with our D’Smart Solutions Series and Building Management System (BMS).

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What types of commercial products are there?

Daikin has many products to suit the needs of commercial use. We have Multi-Split, Split, VRV, packaged unit, and SkyAir Systems to meet every need. Find out more here.

I wish to integrate smart solutions, are they available?

Yes Daikin has various smart solutions.

What are the applications of SkyAir Products?

SkyAir Products are for users who require single split system which require higher capacity (5KW - 14kW). It can be installed in Residential Units, Commercial or Industrial building.

Where can I get the specifications of the SkyAir Product?

Please download the SkyAir catalogue here

What are the product types and categories available?


What is the cooling capacity range/Horse Power(HP) available?

The cooling capacity range is different for each type of AC system :
1) CEILING MOUNTED CASSETTE : range from 5kw - 14.0kw (rated)
2) DUCT CONNECTION : range from 5kw - 14.0kw (rated)
3) CEILING SUSPENDED : range from 5kw - 14.0kw (rated)
4) WALL MOUNTED : Only available in 10.0kW(rated)

What is the tick rating for the product?

Tick Rating as below:
1) RZR50LVVM - 4 ticks
2) RZR60LVVM - 4 ticks
3) RZR71LVVMG - 2 ticks
4) RZR100MVMG - 2 ticks
5) RZR125MVMG - 2 ticks

There is no tick rating for Condensing Unit with 3 Phase Power Supply.

What does the tick rating mean? 

Ticks Rating is the Minimum Energy Performance Standards in order to help consumers better identify the more energy efficient models. The more the ticks, the better system efficiency.

Do you have multi split Ceiling Cassette/Ducted?

No, it is not available. 

Is wired/wireless controller available for the product?

Yes, you can choose the option of wired or wireless remote controller.

Is the product inverter or non-inverter system?

Our offered products are all inverter systems.

What is the type of refrigerant uesed for the product?

R410A Refrigerant.

How long will it takes to cool down the room?

It will take approximately 30-45 mins to cool down the room to the set temperature subject to the ambient condition.

What is the setting temperature range?

The setting temperature range is between 16°C - 32°C

Can I replace my old AC (other brand) with new set of Daikin AC?

Yes, it is possible.

Can I replace either of the FCU or CU (other brand) with Daikin brand?

No, the replacement has to be in a whole set including the indoor and outdoor condensing unit.

Does it require to change the existing refrigerant piping for installing new set of Daikin AC?

It is possible to remain using existing piping for installing new set of AC system. Proper flushing of the system is required. 

What is the wiring adapter card model for electrical appendices?

The adapter card model : KRP4AA51/52/53

What is the wiring adapter card model for interfacing with Centralized Remote?

Not required, except for ceiling suspended (FHQ) model. The adapter card model : DTA112BA51

What is the price of the AC set?
You can refer to our website for the contact of Daikin Proshop or Authorised Dealers for the quotation.
Who can I refer to for installation/maintainence service for Daikin AC?
You can refer to our website for the contact of Daikin Proshop or Authorised Dealers for the quotation.
Is VRV system suitable for my house?
Yes. VRV system is applicable to various types of applications including residential.
Should I use VRV system or normal multi split system?
It depends on your requirement. VRV is normally used for bigger space which requires higher cooling load, and requires long refrigerant pipe length. More indoor units can be couple to 1 outdoor unit compared to conventional multi split system.
What are the advantages of VRV system?
More types of indoor units are available for different preferences. More capacity options for the outdoor units, from 4hp to 60hp. Can have long refrigerant pipe length, up to 165meter. Sophisticated, can have smart control functions, easy to control.
What is the lead time if I want to install VRV system for my house?
Ex-stocks prior to sales. You may check with Daikin dealers on equipment availability.
What type of indoor units are available?
Wall mounted, ceiling cassette, ducted, ceiling suspend,floor standing, etc.


How long can the refrigerant piping go for VRV system?
Up to 165 meter.
What is the energy efficiency for VRV System?
It is a highly efficient product, depending on operating modes and indoor temperature setpoint.
Can I use handphone to control VRV aircon?
Yes. Smart control is possible for VRV system.
How much do I need to spend to include smart control for the VRV aircon?
Smart control is possible for VRV system.You may get the proposal and quotation from Daikin Dealers.
Will VRV be expensive? What is the price range?
Kindly approached our Daikin Dealers for the quote.
Why should I choose Daikin VRV compared to other brands available in the market?
Daikin is a well-known brand as well as the market leader in the AC industry. Our products are more to solution-based as compared to other comppetitors, where we can provide a smart solution package for your needs.
Can I have centralised control for the VRV System? How much does it cost?
Yes, centralised controllers are available. There are a few options such as the I-Touch Manager, I-Touch Controllers, Central remote controller with schedule timer, etc. You may get the quote from Daikin Dealers.
Can I just replace the spoilt indoor units for my existing VRV system?
It depends on the type/series of your current models. If the existing is the old R-22 series, replacement is not possible, and both the indoor & outdoor units need to be replaced.
Is the new VRV series compatible with the old series? Can I mix?
It depends on the VRV series. Old VRV system using R-22 refrigerant is not possible to mixed with the current new model.
Can I remain my refrigerant piping when I replace to new VRV system?
Depends. The existing must be VRV systems, which is K series and above, the refrigerant piping is possible to remain, and to be replace by Daikin RQQ series. Condition of existing refrigerant pipe needs to be checked by the installer.
How many types/series of VRV system does Daikin have?
Basically, we have the VRV IV-S series, VRV A series & VRV X series.
Does Daikin do trade-in for old VRV units?
No, we do not do trade-ins.
Can I combine Daikin VRV system with my existing VRV system of another brand?
No. Daikin VRV is not compatible with other brands.
What is the refrigerant type used in Daikin latest VRV system?
Can I use back the existing control system after I replace with new VRV system?
If the existing is Daikin Centralised control, yes, it can be used back.
Can I use AHU/VRV System for my house?
Yes, it can be used for residential.
What is the price range for VRV system that I need for my house? Who should I check with?
You may request a proposal from our Daikin authorized dealers.
Who is Daikin recommended contractor for VRV System installation?
You can find a list of Daikin recommended here: Daikin authorized dealers.
What are chilled water systems?
Chilled Water Systems are air-conditioner cool down by cold water instead of using refrigerant.
How does chilled water system work?
For Air Cooled System, the condenser coil will be cooled down by Air. For Water Cooled System, the condenser water will be cooled down by Cooling Tower.
Do Water cooled Systems or Air Cooled Systems have better efficiency?
Water Cooled Systems have better efficiency.
What is a Magnetic Chiller?
An active magnetic bearing which works on the principle of electromagnetic suspension based on the induction of eddy currents in a rotating conductor.
What type of FCU do you have for Chilled Water System?
We have wall mount unit, ducted unit, ceiling cassette unit, floor standing unit.
What is the information needed to select a Chilled Water FCU?
You will need to know what is the Cooling Capacity, Air Flow, External Static Loss, Water In/Out Temp and On/Off Air Temp.

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