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It's Friday so you know what that means for me.

Added: Friday, August 21st 2020 at 8:38am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Friday means 6am grocery shopping.

They seemed to have full shelves of toilet paper for the first time since the panic shopping started in March.

They had hand sanitizer and disinfected wipes everywhere. But want Lysol type spray products and most cleaning supplies and you still have to wait.

Canned goods/soups are still not fully stocked, but I would say everything else is.

Only a couple of people there shopping this morning with a cart and a couple who just look like they ran in for one or two items and that was it.


Friday also means trash pick up day which always screams yippy it's Friday to me.

Friday also means the last day of the work week which is always welcome.

Added bonus for Friday is, the temps are down and I was actually a bit chilly going to the grocery store at 6am with only shorts and a t-shirt on.

Early this morning, I even turned off the fan blowing on me that I use when I sleep.

Another added bonus since the winds shifted again, it's not to smokey outside this morning. But that can change at any second.

A upcoming Saturday bonus is I won't have to cook any dinner for next week since with the heat since last Friday, I went so many days of it being to hot to eat, that I still have all this weeks cooked dinners in the freeze that I can eat next week, so didn't have to buy anything from the meat department today.


I'll have a special annoucement next week, but you'll have to wait for that.

It won't be as thrilling as 'who shot JR' so don't get to excited about it......LOL



Oh this is just a creepy smile if you ask me.


User Comments

Lysol spray hasn't been seen here since April.  The Clorox wipes are in abundance as are the hand sanitizers, so no complaints on that, but I'd like getting my hands on a couple bottles of Lysol.  I have a disinfectant spray I bought from the Dollar store but its not Lysol.

So on top of all that, we have 2 storms headed into the Gulf that will be turning into hurricanes, to worry about.  So I'l have to get supplies for in-case-of one or both headed in my direction, arghhh. When it rains, it pours, literally.k

I dunno why that "k" is there at the end of my comment. Oh brother....

Other then some high priced fancy kind of disinfectant spray, I haven't seen any Lysol or even Walgreens brand which I buy in the stores at all.


I've been so busy with that puzzle I didn't even know it was Friday until my husband mentioned it this morning. 

Sometimes I like with something I'm doing takes my mind away so I don't think about other things for awhile.

Yes, it sure does take your mind off of things. You should see my house. When I'm in that frame of mind nothing else matters. So I'm going to have to do some housework before I start on Hogsmead's Three Broomsticks, which I received in the mail yesterday.

6 am why so early ? ?  

To get in and out quickly which I always want to do when grocery shopping, but I started it after the panic shopping in March, as you had a better chance of finding a small quanity of something they may have finally gotten in that the night stockers put out. I found items in short supply that would have been gone if I went after work or on my normal Saturday shopping day.

Found I liked it as hardly anyone in the store shopping which means less people to annoy me which always seems to happen in a grocery store.....LOL

l guess there are not too many people around at that time in the morning.  It would be a lot quicker getting your shopping done with less people to get in the way.  l might just think about doing that but maybe not as early as 6 lol.

Our Winn-Dixie just completely remodeled so spent all day yesterday trying  to find what I wanted/needed--they even changed where the carrot cake was!!

I noticed this morning that they were redoing some aisles, so hopefully they don't change to much.

Special announcement, eh? 

Hmmmm.... {#side.gif}{#popc1.gif}{#popc1.gif}{#popc1.gif}{#basic-cool.gif}


Bout the same at our grocery. I seem to always get what I need eventually and try to stock up on some items when possible.

Lol that poor dog with the baby...   it's like 'help me' someone

LOL I have to look at the TV guide to find out what day it is...LOL   Have a great week-end.


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